Grouts worst enemies include acids such as tomato or citric based foods or products, or even some cleaners. Chemicals or peroxide based cleaners and toiletries such as  make-ups, perfumes, and polishes can damage grout. Staining, mold and mildew are very common on standard grout in areas prone to moisture. 

Once epoxy grout is installed and fully cured it is impervious to most acids, chemicals, stains, mold and mildew. We prefer to use this GREENGAURD certified product. There is no need to seal the grout ever again or have to re grout later. We believe this is a far superior product to any other grout.  To learn more about SpectraLock Pro Grout or any of Laticrete's other products visit To learn more about GREENGAURD certified products visit

We install:









Wood (tile)


Metal (tile)

Leather (tile)


All of your stone or tile will be set with premium thin-set and grout. All stone and tile is cleaned and sealed to insure beauty and longevity.

We use only the best supplies and materials to insure quality.

We install shower pans, mud pans, and tile backer.

We are Wedi certified installers. Wedi is a tile backer and shower pan alternative, that is completely waterproof. Making Wedi the ideal backer for tiling in wet areas. To learn more visit

 We offer:
Free estimates 
Design assistance 
One year warranty on labor

We install heated floors sometimes referred to as radiant heated flooring.

Our company is Nuheat certified. Because we believe in this products performance ability so much, we recommend installing Nuheat. Nuheat floor mats can be custom made to fit any room. Please visit for more info on this performance tested product

Laticrete SpectraLock Pro Grout is our #1 choice for grout. Epoxy grout is more durable than additive enhanced or sealed grout. Epoxy grout comes in a two part system comprised of a resin and a hardener. This may be purchased in a large variety of colors.

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